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This means that the total value of all the items to be sold must meet or exceed that value. Then, decide how to dispose of any unsold items in a responsible way. You may be able to consign items with a vintage or antique shop. Otherwise, you could list items for sale online on second hand retail sites such as eBay or Craigslist. Then, it’s time to decide what you will be selling during the estate sale. It’s best to take a thorough inventory of each and every item that you’d like to sell, and then further group them into categories. Your organizer can help you with this, or you may have to conduct your own research by visiting websites such as Craigslist or eBay.

Ask about their background, and what they will bring to the table. Although the antiques and other valuables have likely been sold, many household items may still be available. Additionally, if there’s nowhere else for the items to go, the estate sale organizer can place leftover items in an onsite dumpster. In addition, family members are often emotionally tied to the items for sale. Here’s where an estate liquidator steps in, as they objectively manage the sale from start to finish. Some estate sale companies may charge commission on a sliding scale. They’ll gauge how much effort would be required, plus the projected total sales.

What Is An Estate Sale (And How Do They Work?)

If the item isn’t sold by the end of the sale, the estate sale company will defer to the highest bidder. In fact, at the end of many estate sales, items are opened up to bidding just to get rid of items quickly. Again, this depends on the estate sale company and how they choose to run their sale.

Annuity Sales on Pace for Record-Breaking 2023

This fee varies depending on the organizer’s level of expertise, location, and the size of the estate sale. If the estate sale company runs a consignment shop, that’s a major concern. Some dual-business owners do a mediocre job with their estate sales. Afterward, they take the most valuable unsold items back to their store and retain the entire sale proceeds. Consult catalogs, antique shops, online resale sites, and other estate sales to get an idea of what your items are worth.

Pricing Correctly is Essential For an Estate Seller

If someone else is willing to pay more, you lose your claim to the item. Many estate sale companies only accept bids on items priced at $100 or more. Usually a wide range of items is presented for sale — furniture, clothing, appliances, linens, silver, china and other household items. Some estate sales feature expensive, one-of-a-kind items such as works of art, jewelry and antiques.

Estate sale planning is not easy, especially with large estates. In many cases, it is in your financial interest to hire an appraiser or even an estate sale professional, as the benefits gained from their expertise will outweigh the costs of their services. Hiring an experienced estate sale professional can help alleviate the burden and stress of trying to organize an estate sale on your own. Let’s take a look at how to hire a trustworthy estate sale company. When it comes to pricing items for an estate sale, it is imperative to do your research. If you set your prices too high, you may lose selling opportunities. Organization is key when it comes to holding an estate sale.

There are specific state taxes that might apply to your business. Learn more about state sales tax and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides. But this means extensive training and the ability to make valuable contacts among probate lawyers and other referring parties serving this clientele. If you have furniture that doesn’t have any real value there are charities where you can donate furniture. Service fees, however, can vary from company to company and location to location. Prices can certainly go up or down considering your area and the services offered. If you thought you would be reading about selling a home of a deceased relative be sure to check out my tips for selling an estate home.

Typically, the home seller pays their listing agent, who then splits the commission with the buyer’s agent according to the NAR rules. Traditionally, that works out to a 5% to 6% commission split roughly evenly between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. “What’s at issue nationwide is costing Americans about $60 billion in extra real estate commissions,” said Michael Ketchmark, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuits. Makenzy Mohrman, a financial services analyst at Capstone LLC, said the verdict was just the beginning of changes in the industry, noting the U.S.

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It’s also smart to check if there are any distancing health measures you must take. If personal valuables are cracked, broken or missing pieces, they may not be worth fixing. Inspect items with a critical eye before investing time, effort or money in repairs.

It’s a good idea to interview at least three estate sale pros before making a final decision. They may run sales differently, so taking the time to chat with a few will give you a better sense of the services each company offers.