HSE Says PAT Testing Is Not a Legal Requirement – Or Does It?

PAT Testing (also called Portable Appliance Testing) is a process by way of which electrical appliances are checked periodically to peer if they are safe.

Most huge companies in recent times rent the services of a professional PAT testing organisation to test all their Pat Testing Company West Lothian appliances – normally this is performed each one year. At one time, there was a scarcity of organizations wearing out the service, and customers had to pay a top rate to have the PAT testing finished.

More recently, things have come to be a touch greater aggressive. There are a variety of human beings accessible presenting a carrier, and fees have fallen lately. On the alternative hand, the recession has visible masses of PAT Testing customers driven out of commercial enterprise, and those organizations nonetheless in enterprise are slicing their charges as a lot as they could. This also drives expenses down, and it isn’t always uncommon to see PAT Testing prices as low as £0.Seventy six according to item tested.

Unfortunately, as the fees fall, so does the same old of PAT checking out – it is not easy to make a first rate income whilst the cost in line with object is low, and so there’s exceptional stress at the PAT test engineer to take quick cuts and get thru the gadgets as speedy as viable. This increases the chance that a dangerous item may not get picked up!

Thankfully, there are nevertheless plenty of clients obtainable who do want their system PAT examined. I might without a doubt no longer endorse absolutely everyone to strive to interrupt into the large multi-website online contract paintings (large name stores, huge commercial clients and many others) due to the fact this is just too aggressive at the moment. However, there are nonetheless masses of small and medium organizations (SME’s) who need PAT testing wearing out, and who’re nevertheless organized to pay a realistic quantity to have it completed well. These consist of Hairdressers, Web Designers, Joiners, Builders, Carpenters, Accountants, Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Hotels, amongst many others. The antique adage nevertheless stands – if it is got a plug on, it needs testing! Thankfully, there may be nonetheless an excellent living to be made, providing the PAT trying out engineer is prepared to work tough.

There are many PAT trying out publications available – the maximum popular are one-day courses run via specialist agencies. Some schools offer training publications, and you may also get domestic-look at packs. In order to perform PAT checking out paintings you’ll need some equipment, but this is simple to get maintain of, and PAT testers begin at approx £two hundred + VAT.

Tim James has been running inside the discipline of PAT testing for greater than two decades, first being skilled to perform PAT Testing at the same time as operating as a faculty technician in 1985. He has been walking PAT Testing Training Courses for more than 15 years, and has labored in any respect tiers of the industry. He turned into till these days head of a big PAT testing agency, overseeing the trying out of extra than 300,000 gadgets consistent with 12 months. He has labored with Humberside Police, Shell, BBC and Channel four, Rentokil, Emirates Airline, Leeds Unversity and plenty of other our bodies. He now runs PAT Testing Expert, and company which provides not unusual feel records, knowledge and experience to those concerned in PAT trying out.