Mushroom Shelves – Are They Worth The Cost?

Mushroom shelves are the latest development in mushroom farming that aim to make the work of the farmer easier and more efficient. In traditional small scale farms, there is a tiered system where beds are responsible for growing specific types of mushrooms. These beds require constant care and attention, and hiring several employees to tend to them can increase operating costs. Additionally, mushrooms are sensitive to their environment and the more people handle them, the higher the chances of reducing their productivity.

PSILOCYBE PF ALBINO SPORE SWABS are a shelving system that was invented to perform all of these tasks for the farmer and ensure high quality produce. They are often referred to as the Dutch system because they were first invented by the Dutch. Most mushrooms currently grown use this system. The shelves are able to fill and empty the compost pit used for growing the mushrooms, and a special machine is used to apply casing layers to the shelf and loosen it. Additionally, the shelves also ensure that the mushrooms are properly watered.

While the equipment is expensive, it is important to note that investing in mushroom shelves is a one-time cost. This offsets the expenses associated with employing various employees. There are several options for mushroom shelves and it is advisable to consider getting one that has the capability of emptying the compost first. As production increases, additional shelves with multiple purposes can be added.

One of the main advantages of using mushroom shelves is that it eases the process of growing mushrooms. Since everything is done mechanically, it is also done perfectly and reduces the chances of contamination. Additionally, the shelves are designed with bed cultivation in mind and ensure high quality results that surpass those of manual workers. For a farmer with high production, investing in mushroom shelves can be a great benefit.