Secure Email for Lawyers Is Necessary for All Legal Communications

The internet has changed the way the world does just about everything. We can shop online, buy gifts online, stay in contact with friends and family and even meet new friends and love interests. There is really no limit as to what you can do through the internet, including communication with your lawyer over private legal matters. This is a very convenient method of communication because it will allow both parties to communicate quickly and easily when they have a moment to do so.

Of course, the technology that allows for Private Email us to email is convenient, but it is not without its risks. Because you are on the internet, if you aren’t careful, whatever information that you do share can be intercepted by third parties without your knowledge and the information would no longer be private. As such, the Bar Association has updated their rules about communications and those lawyers that wish to correspond with their clients via email will need to ensure that they are using a program that will provide secure email for lawyers.

While we would all like to think that no one would ever intercept our email communications with our lawyers or anyone else, it happens. It is especially likely if you are in a contentious lawsuit with someone who wants to know what your “game plan” may be to win the case or ensure that a judgment is made. The lawyer is also responsible for maintaining the attorney client privilege, which is what ensures that everything that is said is held in confidence. If a lawyer is not using such an email system, they cannot ensure that they are providing their client with the privilege they expect.

A secure email for lawyers system is not only important for the client, but also for the lawyer. If a lawyer is going to be receiving emails from clients and co-council, they need to ensure that there is no one else that is privy to their communications. While most of us would never think of hacking into the emails of another person, there are hackers and criminals that know how to and want to hack into emails to gain personal and private information.

The key is for lawyers to be ahead of the curve. Instead of waiting for emails to be hacked or being vulnerable to hackers, lawyers should implement systems that allow for secure emails for lawyers that will allow them to receive emails that pertain to legal cases, provide legal documentation and even legal advice.

When a lawyer or legal firm has this protection, communication through the internet can be much more formal and comfortable and convenient for all involved because there is no need not to allow the information to flow easily from one person to another instead of waiting for the opportunity for all parties to be in one room or be on the phone. These programs will ensure that the legal professional can take just as much advantage of the latest technology and ease of email as anyone else.